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Kline Herbal Products was founded on a guiding principle that everything the body needs to flourish comes naturally from the earth.

Made up of an experienced group of professionals dedicated to help those of you who are seeking a happier, healthier body and life with the use of nature’s best. To eliminate the side effects that many pharmaceuticals and OTC drugs have, our approach to improving well-being and quality of life for our customers is to provide products based on ancient herbal formulas supported by modern scientific studies. Our researchers monitor the latest nutritional and scientific advancements to develop the most effective, high quality herbal formulas available.

All Kline Herbal Products are manufactured in the United States under FDA Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) using only the highest quality, lab tested and inspected all natural ingredients in our formulas.

The goal of Kline Herbal Products is to build on our rich history and respected reputation by continuing to lead the industry in research and development of new herbal based products.




Avestrum, Tmax200, AmberTRIM, Zolavik, LibidoMAX, FemaleBalance, BetterFLEX, Bee Defense and OMEGA Prostate are registered tradmarks of Kline Herbal Products.

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