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Lecithin is produced in the body by the liver, and lecithin is comprised of molecules that are important for cell function. As both cell builders and aids for cell communication, these molecules are essential for proper cell growth and function. Soybeans contain lecithin as well, and when taken as a supplement, soy lecithin acts in the same way as natural lecithin found in the body. With its combination of carbohydrates, triglycerides, fatty acids, phospholipids, and choline, soy lecithin has various health benefits for the body.

One of the benefits of soy lecithin is its effects on the brain in acting as a mood stabilizer. It has found to be effective for people with mild depression and anxiety to bipolar disorder and some mood disorders. It is believed that the chemicals contained within soy lecithin help to stabilize the chemicals in the brain, and numerous disorders result from an imbalance. In addition, for women who suffer from mild depression before or after menopause, soy lecithin has been found to be effective in supplement form to help restore the balance of hormones in the body that can cause the symptoms of depression. Anxiety is also helped with the use of soy lecithin, although the chemical process behind this effect is not completely understood.

Another benefit of soy lecithin is the role it plays in reducing the levels of cholesterol in the body. It is believed that the combination of compounds found in soy lecithin is responsible for this effect. Soy lecithin helps to break down cholesterol and other fats in the body, which lowers the amount of overall cholesterol in the body. The triglycerides in soy lecithin are important fats for storing energy, and having a deficiency can result in both weight gain and lack of energy, while too many triglycerides can cause health problems. A supplement including soy lecithin can help promote a healthy intake of triglycerides so that the body has the components it needs to store energy for fuel.

Soy lecithin has also been found to be beneficial for promoting a healthy liver. Fat cells can buildup in the liver, causing a condition called fatty liver that, though reversible, can lead to other problems with the liver. Because soy lecithin has the ability to break down fats to be used for other purposes rather than being stored in cells and organs, soy lecithin can break down fats in the liver before they have the chance to accumulate and cause problems. Soy lecithin, when taken as a supplement, can also help to eliminate fatty deposits that have already been stored in the liver. This can help to prevent the progression of the condition to a more serious disorder.

Soy lecithin also has the benefit for preventing dementia and improving overall brain function. A chemical in soy lecithin produces acetylcholine, a chemical needed for proper function of brain cells. As adults age, they sometimes become deficient in this much needed chemical, and the boost of acetylcholine from soy lecithin can help those with conditions such as dementia that are the result of decreased brain activity of misfires that occur in the brain.

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